Webcast Replay:
Enabling the Perfect Store - Retail Execution Excellence


Consistent retail execution is the first step in creating the “perfect store.” It’s all about having the right product in the right place at the right time – and at the right price – ensuring you deliver an amazing consumer experience every time.

How can you make the most of retail store data and achieve maximum sales, while delivering a consistent brand experience throughout the consumer’s buying journey?

Watch this webcast to learn how you can use SAP Cloud for Sales Retail Execution to:

  •  Ensure sales reps target the right accounts and perform the relevant tasks at the right time with customized activity plans
  • Maximize the time sales reps spend in stores with surveys
  • Empower sales reps to work smarter with 360-degree visibility into accounts and products, so they can make real-time decisions on product placement and cross-sells and upsells
  • Increase sales performance with actionable, real-time reports and survey analysis