Social Media Today Expert Series On-Demand Webcast.

You're now generating mountains of data with your social media efforts and your team has been producing actionable reports. But are your analytics tools properly analyzing all the data you need to?  Are you confident in the data you’re receiving?  And do you trust it to support critical business decisions?  How often do you do check-ins to make sure the analytics tools you’re using aren’t using outmoded technology? And how do you decide when your analytics tools need a re-evaluation? If it’s your responsibility to make sure the analytics tools your company uses are doing their job, this On-Demand webcast is for you. Join us as we look at what makes a valuable social media analytics solution and when it’s worth looking at other options. We discuss topics like:

  • What kind of ROI are you currently getting with your SMA tools? What should you be getting
  • How do you determine confidence in your SMA tools? Have your tools ever led to you making business decisions that didn’t work out as well as you’d expected?• What triggers a re-evaluation of your SMA solution?
  • What’s a reasonable expectation of system ‘efficiency’ and ‘effectiveness’?
  • Does your current tool provide analysis of all the right data sources to provide meaningful analysis?  Or are you missing critical online sites that might paint a different picture?
  • How far will ‘Free’ and ‘nearly free’ tools take you before you need to upgrade to enterprise solutions?  

Evaluating Your Social Listening Tools: Is Your Social Media Analytics Solution Working for You?